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About the Course:

The Venture Ideation course is designed for all branches of UG students. It is elementary in nature and introduces the field of entrepreneurship to the students. Fostering innovation and identifying business potential of the innovation, creation of prototype, developing business model, identifying customer and market etc. are dealt in the course.


Course Name             :           Venture Ideation

Course Code              :          

Course Duration       :           25 h (2h/week)

Pre-requisite              :           Basic knowledge of English & Computers (MS Office  & Internet )

Course Objectives     :          

  1. To help the students understand the way to be an Entrepreneur.
  2. To identify the right business opportunity.
  3. To empower students to perform a technical feasibility study and thereby developing a prototype
  4. To help students in identifying their customers using primary and secondary research methods.
  5. Expose students to various factors of market and competition with the help of market feasibility study, forecasting techniques, business model canvass and insights about financial statements.
  6. To prepare students with finalizing their entrepreneurial Portfolio

Course Outcome        :

On completion of this course, the students will be able to:

CO1. Assess personal capacity in the context of the entrepreneurial process

CO2. Assess characteristics of successful entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial forms and processes

CO3. Apply resources, research and tools for Entrepreneurial ventures

CO4. Analyze and apply opportunity identification techniques, feasibility, terminology, processes and models

CO5. Develop Ideation and planning documents for entrepreneurial venture

Syllabus: Venture Ideation

Unit 1: Introduction  (6h)

Unit 2: Customer Discovery and Validation (6h)

Unit 3: Product Understanding and Marketing (6h)

Unit 4: Prototyping and Testing (7h)

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